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The President's Message
24 AUGUST 2020

Its official, after 151 years our association is homeless for the first time.
The State entered into a Jamaica Army reconstruction project with federal funding widely advertised by Sen Schumer. The project required that everyone vacate the armory. We have been moved about by the State ever since they sold our grand armory on 34th and Park in the 1960’s, however in each instance the State provided another armory home for us and moved all our historic artifacts, truck loads, to each new location. We went from 34th Street to 14th Street armory, to Freeport then to Jamaica. In Jamaica we were allotted a large area adjacent to the L.I. RR tracks that was a former horse stable. With assistance from the DM&NA and a huge contribution of membership labor and dollars the area was converted to a splendid complex of meeting room, library, reading room, office and a displays room with artifacts that spanned the regiments involvement from the Mexican Border, Civil War, WW I and II.
That was then. Where are we now? I will give you a run down on our status;
We engaged movers and a moving company to move the bulk of out property to the Old Guard Hq’s building in Riverdale (The Bronx) at W. 246 Street and Henry Hudson Pkwy. Drawing on the association of the 71st and the OG over the years,(the OG was formed by company C of the 71st in 1826). The bulk of that move was the custom made furniture made when we moved into the 34th Street armory in 1881(throne and field chairs and tables) plus other artifacts. See pictures.
The second phase was worked in conjunction with Mr. Courtney Burns of the NYS Military Museum in Saratoga Springs, NY. Courtney and his curators took a portion of the remaining historical artifacts for safe preservation and storage for us and we rented a storage POD see photo for the rest.
How long will items remain in storage? The armory project has a 2 to 3 year time frame and even assuming that the State would offer us space in the completed armory, we will be without an official home.
What were we planning to do in the mean time? We had plans to rotate meetings around Long Island mostly in American Legion Halls. Then came Covid 19. We cancelled all meetings and events. We will hold the 114th consecutive, annual, Col. Henry P. Martin Dinner on 13 November, somewhere in a slimmed down format.
The association stills gains new members and received donated historical items. We will continue to publish our Bulletins and Newsletters our Trust Account is financially sound.
That’s it at the moment.
Best wishes to all
Lou Milgram and the Officers and Trustees of the 71st Vets.

Chairman's Message

71st Chairmans Message for 2022 meetings and events

The Trustee meeting held on 28 Oct 2021 lacked a quorum necessary to conduct normal business. However, we did accomplish an important annual function, that of setting all the meeting and event dates for 2022. Those dates are provided below. Please download or just mark up your 2022 calendar .
We were unable to identify where these meetings will be held because we don't know yet. Dont fret, we have capable members seeking places; J.Whalen,R.Kuta,T.Corn we need help we would like to hold the regular meetings in Nassau, if possible, as a middle ground for travel. Check around see what you can find.


At years end when the Bulletin with the Dues envelope and member card are mailed
the above dates will be printed on the back.. of the card.

I wish all of you the very best for 2022
Lou Milgram, Chairman of Board

Our connection to the past is a constant reminder of our country's greatness. The “Doughboys” of WW I and servicemen and women in WW II defeated the fascist Nazi and Nippon forces that were aiming to impose their ideology on the world. Today, freedom loving people from Flanders to the Philippines enjoy their freedom
thanks to the American service men and women “who gave their lives for the liberty of a stranger” (a phrase first used to describe the men of the 71st who died in the Spanish American War). However, we are now facing a radical Muslim ideology that is aiming to eliminate all other religions in the world. Their barbaric actions make the horrors of WW II seem pale in comparison. Stay strong in your beliefs and convictions, support our service members who will again be called upon to restore liberty.

After our exceptional Memorial Service organized by Francis Smith and Tony Sirvant with a splendid 71st Vets turnout and the participation of our sister Regiment, along with the members of the 88th Brigade NYG and the Fife & Drums of the VCA. I can truly say that, collectively, our organizations are regaining the prominence they once held in the eyes of the public. We remind the public and the press that the Volunteer Regiments of the State and City served and laid down their lives for Liberty in the past and that today’s Guardsmen and Women are continuing to serve our nation around the world. State Senator Andrea Srewart-Cousins,& Legislator MaryJane Shimsky addressed the attendees. Michelle Cleary sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic. We concluded the ceremony by marching down to the Confederate Memorial Monument and grave site and placed a wreath. This is the largest Confederate Memorial north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Francis Smith, Clarence Anspake, our Pres. Emeritis & Historian and I were on a half hour radio program on the 8th (WVOX am 1460) discussing the Saturday event and the Gettysburg battle. Go to this link for a photo narrative of the Memorial Service;

Secretary's Report

We now have 268 members with applications coming in all the time. Our Web Site is attracting former members as well as descendants of members who wish to join. Our Generational Member applications average three for each Regimental applicant.

Don’t assume that the Post Office will forward our mailings to your snowbird address, they won’t forward our not for profit mailings. They do return them to me and we have to pay double postage, plus you will miss out on the mailing.

Treasurer's Report
Our investment account has recovered and our expenses have been lower since we haven’t been holding meetings in the Armory. The annual dues are still $12.00. However, all three of our major events are coming up and expenses will mount. We have increased the First Guest (of a member) CoPay from $15 to $20.00 Still a bargain. Two sit down dinners or lunch for $20.00. The reason we started subsidizing the first guest was when members complained they couldn’t attend because or health issues. The policy was to allow them to invite a guest to drive them.

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 12:10 PM, Eric Davis wrote: Mr. Milgram - I'm contacting you to see if I can get plugged into the 71st Veteran's Association. I found your email through My grandfather was Daniel W. McCarty, a Missouri farm kid who was drafted into the 71st Medical Detachment in WW2. He is mentioned on the attached page (2nd column) from the 1946 71st Infantry Regiment published by Army and Navy Publishing Company. I'm currently researching his time in Europe, and the 71st Regiment's campaign in general. What started out as an investigation into my granddad has turned into the makings of a book. Like many others, I believe there's a story to be told of the brave men who served with my granddad and the path of the 44th ID / 71st IR has some amazing stories. I'd be very interested to find out if there are any vets from WW2 still active in the association, especially if there's an opportunity to interview a few of them. I'm adding my contact information below. Thanks in advance! Eric Davis 915 SW Bishop Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Mr. Milgram, I saw your e-mail address on the 71st Inf Rgt Veterans Association webpage and also talked with Grace Anspake, who gave me the second address for you. I'm helping my daughter with a project for school and we're trying to find out more information about a battle at a farmhouse in France and an incident involving my grandfather, Fred Heinrichs, F Co., 2nd Bn, 71st Inf Regiment, 44th Division. Unfortunately, he passed in 2011 and my grandmother passed a few years later, so neither is available to provide any details. From what I’ve recall from conversations with him years ago, my grandfather was a platoon leader and his platoon was covering the company’s retreat from a “farmhouse” when he and two of his soldiers were cut off. As I understand it, they took cover in a basement, undetected for a couple days
while the German’s were right above them. Eventually, the regiment retook the farm and were surprised to find them still there and alive. We are trying to find out more information about this incident, the location, who was there, and any other details. I think it was also discussed briefly in Vincent Priore's book "Happy New Year, Yankee Bastards". I previously had a copy, but loaned it out and it was never returned. We are trying to get another copy through our local library, but in the meantime we're looking for other sources of information and reaching out to anyone that might have more details on the incident. If you have any information or can point us toward another source, we would truly appreciate it. Thank you, Chris Fitts (805) 312-0282 1290 Red Oak Place, Camarillo, CA 93010

Anyone with information concerning the above emails can contact to senders direct, but let us know what information you provide.
Calling All Generational members

One of our Generational Members(GM) inquired if there was something he could do that wouldn’t require attending morning weekday meetings. I mentioned that our Treasurer Ivy Newbeck was a good example. She works and can’t attend meetings, but that doesn’t impact her job as treasurer. At our Trustee meeting we discussed the situation and agreed to share some of the responsibility of running the association with the GM’s. Here are some ideas; we have three essential member listings, one is  the master list (name, address, tel no, email, spouse name) another is a jointly maintained mailing list that we keep updated at our printer. Lastly is the email listing. Maria Sirvent has volunteered to use the list to send out timely news emails to all members, approx 200 emails sent in groups of 20 or less. We will also help set up event teams to do the setups at our outside events. 

We also welcome your ideas on this matter. We recognize that in time as our GM’s transition to retirement they will be running this association, so now is the time to get your feet wet.

Medal of Honor Awarded to Sgt Charles A. MacGillivary

CharlesMacGillivaryThe background story of the events unfolding on 16 December 1944 when the Germans launched a massive surprise attack over an 80 mile front. The attack spearheaded by elete Panzer tank units aimed to split the American and British forces. They succeded in driving a triangular bulge 60 miles wide and inflicting 81,000 casualties during the six week drive. One company of the 71st had three commanders in one day. MacGillivary had the responsibility of his company when his commander was killed. They were freezing cold with no resupply “ as the head of my company, I had a duty to do something” he recalled. He set out on a one man mission to wipe out the German machine gun positions. Firing two sub-machine guns, his own that ran out of ammo and a second he picked up on the battlefield, hurling grenades he silenced three positions. A wounded German in the last emplacement hit MacGillivary with a machine gun burst on his left side, but he fired back killing the soldier. Then as he told it “I looked down and my arm wasn’t there” “I stuck the stump in the snow and kept scooping snow around it till my hand froze. I figured I was dying. When the rescued me my arm had a cake if bloody ice frozen around it sealing the wound. If it had been summer I’d be dead”. President Harry S. Truman presented the Medal of Honor to MacGillivary on 23 Aug 1945. He served a President of the Medal of Honor Society from 1973 to 1975.

Just one of many stories of heroic action of the 71st during the 144 consecutive days of combat.

Mount Hope Memorial Service

Francis Smith, Antonio Sirvent and Joseph Carmona our Cemetery Committee invite everyone to attend our annual Memorial service at 11 am sharp on 19 May. Francis works extra hard to insure our State and County officials are Invited to participate. Members of the 88th Brig, NYG, FDNY Piper, Tom Richie our own bugler all participate at our Spanish American War National and State Historic Monument. The monument was commissioned by the NYS Legislature to honor the 109 men of the 71st who gave up their lives for the liberty of strangers. It was dedicated in 1901. Buried in our cemetery are men of the 71st who fought in all of the nations wars.
I’m reminded of a letter I received from the Alumni Association of Cornell University. They found a plaque in their building honoring one of our members who died at San Juan in 1898 and they had many questions concerning his death, but most important was where was he buried. Going through our library I was able to answer all the what and when questions as well as giving them the location of his grave on a hill side under a tree overlooking a river near San Juan. If I could access our armory records I could give you his name etc. Our reason for being, we are a repository of history.

Member's News

We have 280 members and associate members. Many of the new applicants find us through our WebSite,  We strive to keep it up to date with photos etc.

Col Henry Patchen Martin, our association founder and benefactor has a legacy that lives on. Reverand M. Sniffin of the St. Luke & St. Mathew Church, 520 Clinton Ave. Bklyn. Was attracted to our Web-Site and called us. In 1888 Col. Martin funded the school, rectory and expansion of the church. He invited us to get together with them and view what Col. Martin accomplished. Also, a neighborhood association where Col. Martin’s mansion, called Rusurban, was located has inquired about him.

If you have email capability and are not getting emails from us, Please email us at  you will be added to our E mail list. Also, visit our Web-Site. The info and photos change often and it’s a good fill in between mailings.

Regiment's Moments in History

Mary Kelly called me yesterday to continue an earlier conversation concerning her husband, Bob’s father Valentine Kelly. Mary has the 71st Sweetheart ring belonging to Valentine. I asked her to try to get a photo of it for the Bulletin. Mary has the service records of Valentine who served in the Supply Company in the 54th Pioneer Infantry Division. He enlisted into he 71st on 21 Apr. 1917 and served until 19 May 1919. He was in the Supply Company when the regiment went to Spartanburg. While there Gen. O’Ryan stripped the rifle companies from the 71st and transferred them to the understrength 105th Infantry regt. Col. Bates was left with the Regimental Headquarters, including the Supply Co. They were augmented with draftees from mostly the Ohio area redesigned the 54th Pioneer Infantry Division and sent to France.
She is looking for info on Marc Craig, another relative, who joined the 71st, to fight in WWII, went off to Ft. Lewis Washington with the 71st. The 71st was sent there to defend the west coast from an expected invasion by the Japanese. The Japanese did capture the Aleutian Islands and the 1st Battalion was sent there and never rejoined the rest of the Regiment. Since the 42nd Division and the other NY regiments had already gone to France the 71st was restrengthened with draftees from the mid-west and went to France with the 44th Division under the command of Gen. Dean. Craig a Staff Sgt. apparently was transferred to the 114th Inf. Reg. and was killed by friendly fire.
These bits of history are well worth recording and retaining as part of the regiments past.

Other Events Our Association Participates In

Every year on October 17th we attend the annual FDNY Memorial Service on 23rd Street NYC.
We are guests of Squad 18, located on West 10th Street Manhattan. The memorial service is for the tragic loss of Fire Dept members at the “Drug Store Fire” on October 17th 1966. The connection with the 71st is; The whole Squad 18 was killed in that fire. The Lt. in charge was Joseph Priore, who was a WW II vet as was his brother Vinnie Priore a long time officer of the 71st Vets. Vinnie authored the book “Happy New Year Yankee Bastards” The book relates the 71st experiences at the Battle of the Bulge.
We also attend the annual Saint Barbaras Dinner held by the 258th Field Artillery Bn.
Who’s armory our Headquarters are located. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of
Contact me at 631-220-1475 or  for information.


71st Members at Col.Henry P. Martin's Mausoleum 2012

71st Mementos

The previous light blue polo shirts we were supplying were discontinued. We now have brand new microfiber, never wrinkle, shirts in three colors; Black, Royal Blue and lighter blue. The pictures will be on our web site soon as well as the final price. Around $25-$30. We have other items and they will be displayed on the web site. We have Regimental Neckties, 100% woven silk with 71st crest design in regimental blue, for $30.00.
Our caps are managed by Ron Reters who will take your order. 718-846-5777, 83-55 Austen Street, Kew Gardens, NY 11415.
Prices vary with our order size..

71st Artifacts and Mementos

Plastic pocket device to hold your Crests on you Blazer or shirt pocket $10.00, 71st Neckties, woven all silk are $30.00. The 71st Board has established a standard for uniforms for members. At a minimum a cap (we will order one for you aprox. $35/40. A white shirt with the 71st necktie under a blue Blazer (or jacket) with grey trousers. For summer wear; a short sleeve white shirt with 71st Crest on pocket (no jacket) (with tie if appropriate for the occasion). The PX sells white, short sleeve shirts with shoulder epilates for $17.00 (they go by neck size) if we buy them for you postage would be $5.00.

Members and their relatives come upon 71st items and mail them to us. They go on display or into the library. If you have any items that you would like to display then please contact us so that we can make arrangements. We need; mannequins, display cases, uniforms, old flags, photos and books for the library (we will pay for shipping) Call 631-757-5821. 

Regimental Displays and Artifacts

Volunteer crews have been working at the armory every Tuesday. Pictures are going up on walls, uniforms displayed, show cases prepared, a computer has been fired up for recording artifacts and historical documents. We have been contacted by people asking for information on family and association members who served in the 71st and we have researched and provided answers from our library. Our web site has been a magnet for applications for membership and donations of artifacts. New items keep arriving from former members and relatives; shooters medals dating to 1904, a member sent a beautiful army blanket covered with 71st Regimental Patches, resembling a tapestry. Uniforms from the past as well as dress uniforms of the 7th, and the Old Guard.Bill Trainor, E. Stroudsburg PA has sent in some original porcelain unit insignias that survived the fire in the 34th Street Armory. Mr. Pat Parks of 10355 New Quay Rd., Ocean City, MD 21842 donated shooting medals dating back to 1906 (remember John Dietz). The 7th Regt. Association donated a dress uniform as did the VCA.

NY State Military Museum

The Chief Curator, C. Burns, is working in getting our artifacts documented and researched. The data will then go into an accessible data file that will link to this web site. If you go to the Links tab you will see a link to the Military Museum at Saratoga Springs, NY.

In The Works

• LIBRARY DISPLAYS-We intend to hang groupings of the photos we have of the Companies of the Regiment on the library walls. Included will be copies of three Co. K(1934,1945 &1948) loaned to us by BG
M.Swezey, Commander 53d Troop Command.
• SHOOTING TEAM-George Hohenstein is arranging for the cleaning of weapons and Jim Whalen has discussed arranging a shooting schedule on L.I. Members interested contact George at 631-615-2576. George has been authorized to purchase a suitable gun safe.
• MEMORIAL TEAM-Members volunteered to establish regional representation at wakes and funerals in our immediate areas.
• SPANISH AMERICAN WAR MONUMENT- We have to get GRANT MONEY from any source for needed repairs. Also, we have not mounted the National Historic Monument Bronze Plaque on the granite steps out of concern for thefts occurring in cemeteries because of the price of scrap metal.
• MEMBER COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS- We would like to hear from you.
• WW II PHOTOS- We have a large collection of photos of each member of the Regiment taken at wars end in Germany or Austria. Unfortunately none have names annotated. Except for easy to ID members like Tom Gannon we are stumped as to how to ID them. Any ideas?
• RECRUITING-It has become apparent that there are a lot of ex 71st members around that don’t know the Vets Association is still active 71st Crest pins at gatherings someone will offer their former membership. That’s the time to get their name and address and pass on to us. Also, tell them of our web site.

Membership Prerequisites

REGULAR MEMBER; Must have served in the 71st Regiment New York National Guard. Also members of the 17th New York Guard who served during WW II in the regiments 34th Street armory. No Exceptions. GENERATIONAL MEMBERS; Sons, Daughters, Spouses, Grand Children of Regular Members. The reason I mention this is because from time to time New York Guard members, who happen to be in a NYG 71st company apply for membership. They have and will be turned down


Louis Milgram, Editor

Contributors: Mr. Eric Davis, Miss Samantha Ritts

 In Memoriam 2017-18


Clarence Anspake
Donald Ferguson
Eugene Goldner
Francis Guilfoyle
Walter Halpern
Frank Kunak
Fred Lombardi
James Yamate
In Memory Of

Charles MacGillivary
Medal of Honor

MG Joseph Healey
Hall of Fame

MG Vincent Lanna
Honorary Member

Col. Joseph Werbenz
Sec./Treas. Emeritis

Col. Edward Buschkamper

Col. Joseph Solmo
Col. Of Regt.

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