Amor Patriae Vincet

Calendar of Events/Meeting Dates, 2018

March13, Tues     Trustee Meeting
April 10, Tues.     Nominations Meeting
May 19, Sat.     Mt. Hope Memorial 11am
June 2, Sat.     Col. Buschkamper Lunch
June 19, Tues.     Election Meeting
July 21, Sat.     Bull Run Picnic
September 18, Tues.     Regular Meeting
October 17, Wed.     FDNY Memorial SQ18 on W. 10 Str 8:30am
October 23, Tues     Annual Trustee Meeting
November 13, Tue.     Col. Martin Dinner
December 11, Tues.     Year End Meeting

All regular meetings at Jamaica  
The restaurant meetings start at 11 or 12 am
Depending on which restaurant we use.

Notify Secretary in case of illness or death :




Send me a note or email:
Louis K. Milgram
541 E. 20th Street, Apt. 1E
New York, N.Y. 10010
Phone: 631-757-5821

On the 17th of October each year we are hosted by Squad 18 FDNY at their house on West 10th street. Starting at 8:30 through to the Memorial Ceremony on 23d Street at noon. The service honors the memory of the whole squad that perished in the tragic Drug Store Fire. The Squad was led by Lt. Joe Priore brother of our former officer Vinny Priore, who authored “Happy New Year Yankee Bastards” based on his experience's in the battle of the bulge in WW II. Attendees are family members, descendants, fellow firemen of the Squad.

Marching Along Together...
The Veteran Association of the 71st Regiment National Guard of the State of New York
Headquarters, Jamaica Armory 93-05 168th Street Jamaica, N.Y. 11433-1286
71st Regiment Decal