Amor Patriae Vincet

Member/Booster list 2018

Fred Abbatiello RD
Jeffrey Acebo
Edward Allen
Grace AnspakeRD
Jonathan P. Anspake
Rosemarie Anspake
Samantha Anspake
Lisa L. Anspake
Kristina Anspake
John Avlon RD
Phillip Bauccio
William Baxter
William Bell
Myron Bengson
*Louis Bishop
Joseph Boledovic RD
Peter Bragan Sr.
Lorenzo Brieba
*Herbert Budnick
Regina Marie Burke
Richard Burke RD
Richard John Burke
Brad Burnside
Bob Burnette RD200.
Joseph Cammarata
Vincent Capasso
Roger Carman RD
Joseph Carmona
Mahaan Chandu
Rafael Chireno
Cheryl Cirri
Ted Corn
*Melvin J. Crook
Adam Damascus
Christopher Daniels
Jeffrey S. Davis
Dino W. Degasperi RD
Joan DeGasperi
Robert Deich
Anthony DellaRocca
Anthony P. DellaRocca
Nicholas Delli-Bovi LM
Stephan DelliBovi
Michael DeMartino
Henry J. Dester
John Digillio
Joshephine Digillio
Michael J Dolan RD
Andrew Donahue RD
Ann Donahue
Norman A. Easy
Edward D. Esposito
James P. Fallon
Edmund Farrell
Sandra Ferguson
Stacy A. Festger
Donnald Fleming
Jose A. Flores
George T. Garrett MG
Frank Grenci Jr.
Sava Ghicas
Carlos Giron
Howard Glickman
James Gloriod
Christian Glorious RD
Alexander Glorius
Julia Glorius
Sol M. Goodman
Stanley Grant RD
Frank J. Grenci
Gabriel B. Grenci LM
Gabriel B. Grenci Jr.
Josephine Grenci
William Grodnickrd
Frank Guglielmo
Nelson Guadalupe
Joseph M. Guglielmo
Michael GuglielmoRD
Michael F. Guglielmo
Hector Gutierrez RD
Christine Haider
Daniel J. Harris
Monica Healey RD100.
John J. Herbert RD100.
Paul Hernandez
James Hofer
*Benjamin Hoffman
George Hohenstein RD
Douglas HusseyRD100.
John Hyatt
Christine Izzo RD
Arthur Jackson RD
Arnold J. Janaro
Charles Jud
Joseph Kadi
Fr. Edward Kane RD
James T. Kasprzak
Linda Kasprzak
Mary Kelly
Robert Kenny
Robert J. Klein
Robert Klein Jr.
Francis J. Knight
John Koch
Deborah A. Kopp
Bohdan Kosevych
Raymond Kuta
Robert Larson
James Laughland RD
Arthur Layton
Charles R. Leach
Justin Lenz
James Leslie
Ellen Levy
Edwin Lohmeyer
Benson Lum
Thomas Lyden RD
Robert Lynch
Dennis McCann
John P. Maher RD
Kathleen A. Maher
John Mahoney
Joseph S. MacDonell
Richard J. Macklin
Lorenzo Larry Maldonado
Peter Mastrogeannes
*Daniel McCarty
William McCullough
Thomas McFadden
Dotty McKenna
*John McKenna
John McKenna, Jr.
Kevin McKenna
Robert McKenna
Daniel L. McNally
Sam Maniscalco
Seymor Margolin
Ramon M. Marrero
Peter Mastrogeannes
Robert Mauro RD
Rudolph Marzio
Roy P. Mazzola
Thomas G. Meier
Robert R. Miele
Kevin L. Milgram
Louis K. Milgram RD
Patrick K. Milgram
Peter L. Miller
*Joseph A. Minto RD100
Walter Montagno
Donal Morrissey RD
Andrew Mrakovcich
Juliana Mrakovcich
Peter E. Murray
*Robert Nance
*Kenneth Nash
Ivy Newbeck
David M. Newman
William F. Newman
William J. Newman
David M Newman
John Nicolich
Edgar A. Nieves
Gary V. Patucci
Joseph A. Patucci
Gunnar Pedersen, Jr.
Steven CF Pedersen
Ronald Peters LM
Mary Ann Phelps
Joseph Pisano
Maynard A. Posner RD
Vincent Puleo
Thomas Richie
Arnold G. Reyes
Bill Rockensies
Ray Rockensies Jr.
Rayond Rockensies RD
Todd Rockensies
Tom Rockensies
Carmine Rozzo
George Rugen
Stephen J. Ryan
Erich Sachs
Peter Sammarco RD
Michael Santagata
Lauri Santagata
Kenneth Schlesinger
*Bertram Schultz
Donna Schultze
Edward Shultze III
Nancy Schultze
George Sheinkopf
Rober Sikorski
Anthony Sirvent
Maria Sirvent
Miguel A. Sirvent RD
Vincent Skahan
Geoffrey Slack RD
Deborah A. Slack
James Slawinski
Alan D. Smallwood
Bridget Smith RD
Francis E. Smith RD
Marry-Ann Smith RD
*Harry Snyder RD
William Solmo
*Dr. Vincent Squilla
Donna Stack
Julius Stein
Sabrina Stern
Peter Svec
*Anthony (Tony) Tassa
Christopher Tassa RD
Donna Marie Tassa
Joseph Tassa
Joseph A. Tassa
MartinTommer RD
*William Trainor RD
John R. Tringle
Edward Uribe RD
Douglas J. Walata
Marie Walata
Stephen Walata
Stephen A. Walata III
Wendy S. Walker
Tat Wan
George Weber
Alexander Werden
Andrew J. Werden
Jacob Werden
*Kenneth Werden
Jeremy Werden
James Whalen
James F. Whalen RD
Theresa Whalen
Leo M. White
Mrs. Earle Whitmore
Calin M. Withers
Frank Wundeler RD
Henry Yoli
Thomas Zaborowski
Henry Zalak RD

* Deceased
RD= Donated to
Regimental Displays
LM=Life Member

This is to clarify how the list is maintained; Every member who pays their yearly dues along with a Booster Donation, will have their name listed. If a member dies an asterix (*) is placed next to their name for the year of death and the name remains on the back page for the remainder of the year. At years end the deceased members name will be removed from the back page and placed in the MEMORIAL BLOCK inside the bulletin for one more year. There are exceptions, when family or comrades pay the deceased members dues the name will remain on the back page with an asterix. We have several instances where that occurs.

Downloads:  Membership Application form,   Generational Membership Application form


In Memory of
Col. John V. Riche

Enlisted in
Co. B 71st Regiment
in 1935 with
Col. William McCullough
The Old Guard of the City of New York
is accepting applications for membership.
Contact Dan McNally
In Memory of Our Departed Comrades

By Nick Delli-Bovi
In Memory of our departed comrades


Family and Friends
LTC Roger S. Ryan
LTC Joseph Werbenz
LTC Borromeo Hurley

I was their XO
LTC John O. Santelli
was mine.
BG Gunnar
G.F. Pedersen
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71ST Infantry Regiment
Remembering the Tankers
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“All Hail The Polliwogs”
Compliments of:
Joseph Santagata & Joseph Tassa
In Memory of
Dominick Santagata & Anthony Tassa
In Memory of
First President
Clarence Anspake, President Emeritus,
Regimental Historian of the Veteran Association 71st Regiment National Guard of the State of New York
LTC Robert C. Nance


Mrs. Earle Whitmore
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