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The 71st Regiment / Veteran Association Coin
71st Vets Coin, front 71st Vets Coin, back

We have been receiving mail from our Challenge Coin recipients praising it. We agree it's the finest we have seen and are proud it is received so well. This fine coin is the product of a team consisting of Clarence Anspake who proofed the lettering to maintain the historic style, Mike Guglielmo insured the centering or the design elements, Steve Walata's sharp eye prevented a major flaw from spoiling the integrity of the historic association logo. Your editor helped the team. I'm passing along a note from Comrade Posner. We are indeed grateful and humbled to receive praise from someone in the business.

"The people who worked on the Coin have a lot to be proud of. I am proud to have it. Not only because it is from the 71st but also because the work on it's development and production and has produced a magnificent Coin", Maynard

The Clock
The Clock 
The plaque was sent to our association by comrade Robert McKenna of Mount Dora Fl.32757.
Note; Lt A.D. Reutersham in the 1940’s he was Colonel of the Regiment
Found at Camp Smith
bell Duffy Plaque Window
The 71st Armory Bell was in the Park Ave and 34th Street Armory. It hung from the ceiling of the main hall and was used to summon the Regiment to drill. When the State sold the Armory to the City the bell was removed by Comrade Joe Pisano and subsequently made it to the Father Duffy Chapel at Camp Smith. For many years it was suspended from a wooden arch on the grounds out side the Chapel walk. In recent years it was moved to the peak of the roof over the Chapel Doors (a safer place).
Inside the front door is the dedication plaque, also a small stained glass 71st crest hangs on one of the windows.
Civil War era Cannon
Civil War Cannon  Civil War Cannon 

The 71st Civil War era The cannon cannon carriage has been faithfully restored by G Co 427th Sustainment Brigade attached to the 258th Field Artillery in their Jamaica Armory, where the 71st Vets are now quartered. The cannon was forged in Seville Spain in the 1700’s transported to Cuba in 1861 and subsequently liberated by the 71st Regt during the Spanish American War in 1898.

WWI Poster and Spanish American War Cannon
WWI Poster Spanish American War Cannon

World War I 71st Recruiting Poster Knickerbockers Tavern Manhattan.
Spanish American War Cannon Liberated by the 71st Regt. sitting on a Civil War Carriage now located in the main lobby of the Jamaica Armory
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Monuments at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
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Monument1 Monument5
Monument2 Monument3


Artifacts Wanted

Our members and friends have been donating/loaning their regimental, old army artifacts to our museum once they were assured items would be safe and secure. We will have more space in Jamaica to display items, so, if you have some records, uniforms, insignia, photos or know someone who does have them contact me;

Lou Milgram,
1019 Fort Salonga Rd. 393,
Northport, NY, 11768. 631-220-1475 

I have been contacted by a couple of ex artillerymen who have agreed to donate items to the Armory Arty museum being developed with the help of Courtney Burns, Curator of the NYS Military Museum.

71st Shirts

The new 71st Inf Regt golf/polo shirts are good quality, full cut (ample). If you wear a LARGE in a quality shirt from LL Bean or Eddie Bauer, then order large. They are available for a $20.00 donation plus $ 5.00 postage if you are not picking them up on Long Island. They come in Small, Med, Large, XL, and XXL.
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Pocket Crest
front view

Pocket Crest front view

Pocket Crest
rear view

Pocket Crest rear view


Marching Along Together...
The Veteran Association of the 71st Regiment National Guard of the State of New York
C/O Old Guard Armory, 485 West 246th Street, Riverdale, New York 10471
71st Regiment Decal