Amor Patriae Vincet

Officers and Trustees





President Julius Stein
1st Vice Pres. James Whale
2d Vice Pres.  
Secretary Robert Lynch
Treasurer Theresa A Whalen
Chairman of Board /Trustees Louis Milgram
Trustee Lorenzo Maldonado
Trustee Rafael Chireno
Trustee Ronald Peters
Trustee Ted Corn
Trustee Henry Zalak    
Chaplain Vr. Edward Kane    
Surgeon Dr. Marinos Petratos    
Recording Secretary and Editor Louis Milgram

Note * In addition to their other duties Julie and George also manage our
Trust Accounts and report to the Board of Trustees.
** The amended duties of the Treasurer are limited to collection of and
depositing dues and other funds and administering the association checking
account and bank money market account.











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Marching Along Together...
The Veteran Association of the 71st Regiment National Guard of the State of New York
C/O Old Guard Armory, 485 West 246th Street, Riverdale, New York 10471
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